Scola Scribendi


    Scola Scribendi is the scriptorium of Baile na Scolairi: hard-working scribes who slave away with pen and parchment to create beautiful works of art.  Our name is Irish for "school of scribes".

    The purpose of Scola Scribendi is to provide a forum where members can share information and work together to improve their skills. Scola Scribendi also provides an open, casual atmosphere so that scribes may socialize with each other and the rest of the shire, sharing their interest and  enjoyment of the scribal arts with the entire Scolairi community.


The scholars of Scola Scribendi are expected to set reasonable goals for themselves within these guidelines.

Research & experiment -- base your work on medieval models. Practice. Use period tools and techniques. Practice. Study your subject and don't skip the basics. Practice. If something doesn't work, persevere, revise and experiment until you get it right. Practice. Record your work for reference on other projects. Practice.

Display -- show people what you've made. Share ideas, invite commentary, spark discussion and debate.

Compete -- give other artisans something to measure themselves against and continually strive for improvement in your own work. Set goals and work to meet or exceed them.

Judge -- share your opinions and give other artisans the benefit of your experience. Develop the ability to critique honestly and constructively.

Teach -- demonstrate what you learn. Be open to opportunities to share knowledge and experience.

Collaborate -- work on group projects. Initiate and participate in discussion groups, guilds, special projects, seminars, collegiums, and RUM sessions.

Promote -- disseminate information, encourage others, be active and visible, travel. Share your enjoyment with others & show them how much fun it can be to participate actively.

Praise and recognize fellow artisans. Recommend them for awards. Display and promote their work.

Provide inspiration -- lead by example. Strive to embody the ideal of re-creating the best of the middle ages in both your appearance and behavior. Be courteous, generous, patient, humble, & honest. Emulate those you admire.

Preserve the SCA playing field for those who come after us. Follow the rules and strive to create change for the better when and where it is needed. Preserve the honor and reputation of the SCA as you would your own.

Serve wherever it is needed. Don't be afraid to take on projects or offices that are not A&S related. Even dirty, menial tasks need to be done by somebody.

Enjoy every victory!  Maintain your enthusiasm and creativity. Allow yourself to take pleasure in each completed project. Appreciate and enjoy the work of others. Take a break when you need it. Remember, this is supposed to be FUN!

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